Unlimited Courses: Create unlimited courses.

Course Categories: Organize your courses into categories for learners to find and take the courses they need.

Unlimited Course Content: Create unlimited course content and add documents to your course for your learners to download.

Pre-Requisite Courses: Take a learner down a course path by requiring certain courses to be taken before others.

Video and PowerPoint Support: Use your own content such as videos and Powerpoint decks for your learners to view.

Course Deadlines / Restrictions: Create settings for the number of course attempts, and date deadlines for your learners.


Add Individual Learners: Manually add/register learners, or allow them to register themselves.

Bulk Upload / Enroll Learners: Use your existing Excel list of learners to upload into Click 4 Course all at once.

Export Learners: Download all learners into an Excel spreadsheet at any time.

Create Learner Groups: Unlimited learner groups or invite them to a course, or send them notifications in one step.

View / Edit Learner Information: View profile details for each learner, based on information they entered upon registration.

Assign to Courses: Automatically enroll learners into courses by individuals or groups.


Require Passing Score: Set passing score percentages for each test, and choose to show/hide correct answers.

Completion Dates: Set an end date for your learners to complete the course.

Randomize Question Order: Mix up the order for each time your learners take a test.

Custom Intro / End Message: Create custom messages at the beginning of the test/survey, and at the end, depending on how they scored on the test.

Certificates: Customize the learners’ certificates with images, text, and course details. Your learners will be able to download and print their certificates.

Multiple Question Types: Choose from several question types, including Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, True / False, Agree / Disagree and short answer.


Registration Fields: Create customized questions and fields based on the information you’d like to receive when a learner registers.

Custom Branding: Customize your Click 4 Course site with your own logo, welcome message / image, and background colors.

Unlimited Administrators: Unlimited administrators who can create courses, manage learners, receive notifications, and more.

Discount Codes: If you’re charging for courses, create and offer unlimited discount codes for your learners to use when they purchase a course

Add FAQ’s for your Learners: Customize your own FAQs based on what your learners might be interested in knowing about your site and courses.

Site Type: Change the view for when learners go to your site. Choose “login view” for internal training, and “course view” for selling courses.

Unlimited Support: Unlimited phone and email support.


Quick View: See a one-click snapshot of learners’ progress for courses taken, in progress, and completed.

Learner Reports: Run and download full reports of your learners progress in their courses.

Test / Survey Reports: Run and download full reports of test and survey results, including details from individual questions and answers.

Export: Reports can be downloaded to PDF to view, or Excel to sort and edit.

Recent Activity: View a timeline of recent activity (registration, enrollment, completion, etc.) by day, week, month or all time.


Automated Learner Notifications: Customize auto-notifications to learners for actions such as registering, enrolling, and completing a course.

Automated Admin Notifications: Option for automatic emails to the Admin (you) when learners register, enroll, or complete a course.

Customizeable Messages: Use our ready-to-go templated forms for your notifications, or customize your own messages for each notification.

Individual or Group Messaging: Use our system to send direct emails to one, some, groups, or all of your learners.